Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Are there two Ft. Polk, Louisianas?

You would certainly think so if you read the accounts of Mr. Bush's visit to Ft. Polk in both the Chicago Tribune p. 19, "Political storm about Guard duty hovers over visit"] and the Chicago Sun-Times p. 34, "Bush finds support with Iraq-bound guardsmen"].

In the Tribune's story, controversy about Mr. Bush's duty in the Air National Guard permeated the events. In the Sun-Times -- actually Associated Press -- story, Mr. Bush rose above such questions. In the Tribune story, guardsmen said that, after listening to Mr. Bush, they would be voting for Democratic front-runner, Mr. Kerry. In the Sun-Times story, guardsmen brushed off any questions about Mr. Bush's character.

I am certain that something very significant occurred in Ft. Polk, La.

I wonder what it was.

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