From the Windy City Times:

Chicago-based entrepreneur Nick Libert announced that he’s taking advantage of the anti-homosexual comments made by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes, and has launched a limited-edition line of clothing to highlight the controversy.

ihedonist” is a line of t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts for men and women featuring the text “selfish hedonist” and the company’s Website, Libert has applied for copyright protection for the design, as well as for other designs related to this fall’s elections.

“Alan Keyes’ comments have made this campaign a circus, and when you go to the circus you want to take home a shirt or trinket to remember the occasion. I think this circus merits at least a few clever shirts. Somebody has to gain from this mess, and unfortunately the voters aren’t profiting a bit,”Libert commented.

ihedonist apparel will initially be sold exclusively through the internet on, and retails between $31-51 depending on the style of product involved.

Somebody make sure that Peter Labarbara acquires this WCT story.