Friday, May 21, 2004

Ryan Campaign: Full Disclosure for Thee But Not for Me

It is hard to believe that a multi-millionaire candidate would resort to a low-rent stunt like this. It seems more like something the Lyndon LaRouche supporters would pull. [Polis seems to agree; and Archpundit is all over it.]

One Man says, "This happens all the time in the bigs and it makes real sense to do it right now with all of this budget stuff going on." But he doesn't provide any examples of behavior like that described by the Trib:
Warfel [the "in-your-face, video camera-toting campaign aide to Republican opponent Jack Ryan"] went so far Thursday as to interrupt Obama while he was talking to constituents and "heckle him a little bit." *** When reporters asked Obama questions about being followed, Warfel tried to chime in with questions as well.
The Trib quotes Ryan spokeswoman Kelli Phiel as saying, "All we're doing is ensuring that Mr. Obama's message is consistent, just the same that the media does. [The "in-your-face, video camera-toting campaign aide"] only goes to public things and follows him, obviously, when he's in public."

Well, now that the his campaign has revealed Mr. Ryan's deep love of consistency, documentation, and disclosure, perhaps he will behave consistently and disclose his divorce documents -- court records that are "public things" -- and stop battling to hide them from Illinois voters.

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