Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Get Some Perspective

In your Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg tries to help those preoccupied with violent Islamists get a grip:
This is only a clash of civilizations if viewed from a mountain cave or a basement bunker. Take away the very lucky -- for them -- stroke of 9/11, the harm Islamic fundamentalism has inflicted on the West over the past 10 years is fairly minimal, and certainly not something that demands we baby-sit bloody sectarian strife in Iraq until the warring mullahs somehow morph into Jeffersonian democrats.
Just how minimal is "fairly minimal"?

This color-coded panic alert chart from Wired News should give you an idea:

Yes, you read that right.

You are far more likely to be killed by a hernia than by al-Qaida.

Maybe instead of gutting our Constitution in exchange for a diaphanous sense of security, Americans should remember to lift with their legs.


Anonymous said...

Scratch the hernia reference.

Did you see how many people die from falling? Is it any wonder it's a severe threat?

And, the threat posed by falling makes it crystal clear why we must, MUST, all support the war on terra.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

NW Burbs,

The logic of your argument is clear: Falling is due to gravity and our gravity comes from the earth. So the only way to defeat falling is to kill the planet.

Sadly, I'm afraid our troops may be too over-extended to address the threat of gravity.


Anonymous said...

Radical apples falling from trees pose as much a threat to America as radical meteorites. While our military may be overextended, Our Dear Leader shall wave his magic wand and form a coalition of the willing in order to bring freedom, democracy and purple fingers to terra by bombing it with shock and awe.

LOL - maybe we can make this blog funnier than Illinois Review.

In all honesty, our president's environmental policies (lack thereof) sadly are killing the planet.


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