Saturday, November 27, 2004


The following strip was replaced with a substitute from 2002 which bore this explanation: "Today's Get Fuzzy strip does not meet our standards for taste"

While I did not find the above strip funny -- the primary consideration for a comic strip -- I think it is odd that the Tribune would ban it on those grounds when the Tribune continues to publish Out of the Gene Pool where "taste" doesn't seem to be a high priority.

UPDATE: A deep thinker has suggested that the Trib's "standards for taste" were violated, not by whatever actions are taking place below the second panel, but by gratuitously using the "Thumbs Up" catch-phrase of Sun-Times columnists Ebert and Roper.

Sneedlings . . . This theory will be tested next week when Blondie is scheduled to deliver the Upshot, Buckshot, and Backshot from Tipsville.

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