Monday, April 18, 2005


The AP covered a conference held in conjunction with the opening of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Naturally the discussion turned to the nature of Lincoln's sexuality:
"I could build a Lincoln Log cabin of homophobic denial. *** There's been a cover-up, a conspiracy of silence for experts to hide what they regard as dirty linen in Abe's faded carpetbag."
-- Michael Chesson, Civil War historian

"(Lincoln) loved men, and they loved him, at whatever level. *** It does seem to me that Lincoln is a terrifically sexual guy. He seems to exude testosterone from every pore."
-- Jean Baker, author of a major biography of Mary Todd Lincoln.
And lest you think that only outsiders and rabble rousers would say such outrageous things about the state's favorite rail splitter, Illinois state historian Thomas Schwartz says, "I have found that the traditional assumptions about Lincoln, when carefully tested, fall apart."

The story did not confirm that Mr. Schwartz is today busily updating his résumé.

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