Thursday, May 12, 2005


During an interview with Fox News' Tony Snow, Denny Hastert said that Rahm Emanuel -- who is sponsoring a House ethics package -- was being a "little duplicitous.''

From the Suntimes:
"I just think Rahm was being a little duplicitous, I guess, in taking on a reform issue and still being in the headlines. . . . I'm sure Rahm will have an opportunity to go before the ethics committee and talk about what he's done,'' Hastert said.

Hastert did not explain why Emanuel should be called before the panel.
It seems Denny was being very duplicitous.

Of course this isn't the first time Hastert has dealt in slimy, unsupported innuendo.

But Denny wasn't done misleading the public -- he also grossly misrepresented facts:
Hastert also said, incorrectly, that Emanuel won an election -- an apparent reference to his initial 2002 race -- by 1,100 votes.

Emanuel bested his closest rival by 11,058 votes.
I'll say this for Denny, if you are going to engage in baseless mudslinging and misstate vote counts by a factor of ten, Fox News the right place to do it.

(emphasis added)

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