Tuesday, May 03, 2005


In this column, Eric Zorn rains of Air America triumphant return to Chicago radio. In this post, EZ deals with right-wing blockheads who go after him for daring to suggest that there might be room for a liberal point of view on AM talk radio.

One of EZ's correspondents, Chuck G said, "Air America is toast for one simple reason - NPR. Liberals already have their very own radio network, and it's even subsidized by the taxpayers (just as they would like). Conservative talk radio has to compete in the marketplace (as all media should)."

So just how much does WLS-AM (the home of free-market loving, reactionary talk hosts) pay the U.S. tax-payers to use the public's air-waves to sell millions of dollars in advertising?

Answer: $7,200

Golly gee -- who's media is taxpayer subsidized now?

(emphasis added)

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