Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Working Class Hero Has Lent Her Campaign Eleven and a Half Million Dollars

Mrs. Clinton better buy the next round of shots. From the Guardian(UK):
Hillary Clinton's struggle to keep her campaign alive is being made tougher by a drying up of donors, forcing her to lend herself $6.4m (£3.2m).

Her poor showing in Tuesday's primaries - losing badly in North Carolina and winning narrowly in Indiana - will make it even harder to attract donors for what many will regard as a doomed campaign.

She has been unable to compete with rival Barack Obama in terms of funding since last year and had to lend her campaign $5m in February. Although her campaign team claimed she raised $10m in 24 hours after winning Pennsylvania last month - sceptics are waiting to see the accounts - her campaign has been running with large debts. ***

Her campaign argues that her success in winning over working class voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania and now Indiana makes her a stronger candidate than Obama against McCain, even though Obama has won the majority of Democratic contests.

In Indiana, the strategy saw Clinton ditching her previous persona of wordly first lady and policy wonk to reinvent herself as a tough, beer-loving heroine of the working classes.

The populist appeal was the most determined effort to date by Clinton to solidify her support among working class white men following her victories in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
Maybe Mrs. Clinton will now try her hand at being a Guitar Hero.


michael in chicago said...

About your photo: the thing that always bothered me about her doing a shot was that she sipped it. What ordinary beer drinking working class candidate sips a shot? Down the damn thing already. Geez.

But you're wrong. Just because Hillary doesn't know how to work a coffee maker at the Quickie Mart, Pump Gas, and can bankroller her campaign to the tune of $11M plus, it's Obama who is the elitist.

Ya, good luck with that Hill. Drop out already.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

Watching HRC do shots is like watching Dennis Kucinich throw a punch -- you know they didn't really want to, they're not very good at it and you feel deeply embarrassed for everybody involved.

so-called "Austin Mayor"


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