Thursday, February 17, 2005


Bad news from the AP:
Production on "Arrested Development" has been arrested. Fox is halting production after 18 episodes - four shy of the usual 22. And that brings the season - and maybe the series - to a premature end on April 17.

"Arrested Development" has been honored all over the place with an Emmy as best comedy and a Golden Globe for Jason Bateman. But apparently, that's not enough to get people to watch.

During this second season, "Arrested Development" is averaging 6 million viewers a week. That's down from last season's average audience of 6.2 million.

And although it's apples and oranges since "American Dad" aired Super Bowl night, compare that with the "American Dad" preview that drew 15 million viewers.
It is also apples and oranges since "Arrested Development" is smart and funny -- and "American Dad" was assembled using ideas found in the dumpster behind Seth MacFarlane's apartment.

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