Sunday, February 13, 2005


From the Advocate:
Maya Keyes -- who maintains that she loves and supports her father and who worked for his failed Senate run -- has come out as a lesbian. Rumors about Maya Keyes's sexuality have swirled since September; Alan Keyes was even asked by Chicago reporters to comment about it, and he gave a nonanswer. ***

Alan Keyes, a "family values" conservative, has told his daughter that she is no longer welcome in the family's Illinois residence, Maya says, and also refused to pay for her to attend Brown University. Maya was accepted by the Ivy League school for fall 2004 but deferred a year to teach in India. ***

Maya Keyes has found a home and assistance to pay for attending Brown University this fall. The Point Foundation--which provides scholarships to GLBT college students with leadership potential, many of whom have been cut off by their families -- stepped in. The group's trustees found Maya a place to stay in Chicago and set up a financial package for her at Brown. She will be provided with a mentor. "She's overwhelmed with everything going on at the moment, and this is one less thing she'll have to worry about," says Vance Lancaster, Point's executive director. "We're thrilled we can help."
The interview also contains this little nugget regarding nutty Al's ongoing crusade to change Illinois:
I can't go home. Although my girlfriend pointed out that if I just refuse to leave my apartment for a few more days, there's not a lot they can do about it. It's not like it was my apartment that my dad was paying for, as so many people have suggested. It was my dad's Illinois residence, so even after I leave it, it'll still be there and be paid for -- it'll just have no one living in it except for a couple days a month when he's back here.
If enough Illinois Republicans click here and donate to Renew America, nutty Al may be able to lead our conservative revolution up to three days a month.

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