Wednesday, February 16, 2005


From Las Vegas Review-Journal:
The young Nevada man designated to chair the upcoming 2005 Young Republican National Convention in Las Vegas has been accused of embezzling registration fees from around the country to pay off bar tabs, personal loans and credit card debts.

Nevada's national committeeman for Young Republicans filed a criminal complaint Monday with the Reno Police Department alleging Nathan Taylor received more than $25,000 in registration fees and donations through his corporation, YRNC 2005, and spent almost all of it in the past year for personal use. ***

The complaint also includes a bank statement showing withdrawals from the YRNC 2005 account at Bully's bar in Carson City, at a PF Chang's restaurant, at Shell Oil, at Mandalay Bay and twice for $200 in cash during a 30-day period. ***

Taylor said the bar tabs were related to special events he hosted in Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago and Austin, Texas, last year marketing the 2005 convention.

"There were travel expenses, airplanes and cab rides and some of the meals were expensed," Taylor said. "All of the costs were associated with putting on the convention."
As yet, there is no word from the White House on when the Bush administration will offer Taylor a cabinet post.

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