Thursday, February 22, 2007

Toddler: Primo Dummass

From your Chicago Sun-Times:
On the eve of his biggest day as Cook County Board president, Todd Stroger took to name-calling of elected officials he says have whined too much about having to cut their budgets.

State's Attorney Richard Devine and Sheriff Tom Dart are "prima donnas" who have complained about cuts on "just about every talk show," Stroger said Wednesday.
I tried to think of an analogy, i.e. "Todd Stroger calling someone a 'prima donna' is like..."

I just couldn't think of one that would do justice to this instance of childish name-calling.

But the next time that a person who has been nothing but a grotesque failure in a job that he inherited due to lies told to the voters criticizes an individual who is doing a supremely difficult job, I'll have the perfect analogy ready: "That is like Todd Stroger calling someone a prima donna."

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Third Generation Chicago Native said...

This a a political nightmare for the second most populous county in this nation. Todd has resorted to acting like a Toddler and this is an extreme embarrasement to this City and County.


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