Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Get Your March On.

Chicago May Day March (II)

10:00 AM Rally - Union Park [Ashland Ave. and Washington St.]
12:00 PM March - Randolph St., Desplaines St., Jackson Blvd., Columbus Dr.
2:00 PM Rally - Grant Park [Balbo Dr. and Columbus Dr.]

Mayo Primero / May Day

In 1886, Chicago immigrant workers lead and won the fight for the 8-hour work day. Today, workers around the world remember that struggle in May Day commemorating the Haymarket Martyrs. One hundred and twenty years later, immigrant workers are once again leading the struggle for workers' rights by demanding the legalization, with full rights, of all undocumented workers.

This May Day, join the march and rally for the unconditional legalization for ALL, and say NO to border walls and militarization of the border, NO to guest-worker programs, and NO to raids and deportations.

Convoca/ConvokeMovimiento 10 de Marzo,AFSCME Council 31, AFSCME Local 2081, Alianza Leadership Institute, Amigas Latinas, Asociacion de Salvadore los en Illinois, Association of Latino Men for Action, Casa Aztlan, Chicago and Miswest Regional Joint Board of UNITE-HERE, Chicago LGBT Immigrant Alliance, Chicago Worker Collaborative, Coalicion Internacional de Mexicanos en el Exterior, Committee against the Militarization of Youth, Communist Party of Illinois, Confemex, Council of Islamic Organizations of the Greater Chicago, Durango Unido en Chicago, Federacion de Hidalguenses en Illinois, Frente Unido de Inmigrantes, Gay Liberation Network, Gold Star Family for Peace Chicago, Industrial Workers of the World, Inner-City Muslim Action Network, International Socialist Organization, Jobs with Justice, Korean American Resource and Cultural Center, Labor Beat, Latin United Community Housing Association, Mujeres Latinas en Accion, Nahui Ollin Danza Mexika, Organizacion Latina del Suroeste, Orgullo en Accion, Partido de la Revolucion Democrcitica, Partido Revolucionario Institucional, Primera Asamblea Popular de Pilsen, Progress Center for Independent Living for People with Disabilities, Radio Arte, Rainbow Push Latino Chapter, Red Unida de Immigrantes y Refugiados, Teachers for Social Justice, SEIU Local 1, SEIU Local 73, Socialist Workers Party, Southeast Chicago Coalition for Immigrant Rights, UE Western Region, UIC Students for Immigrant Rights, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 881, West Town Leadership United


Anonymous said...

Why is it that so many want to take the word "Illegal" and turn it into Legal? Does no one seem to get the meaning of the word illegal anymore? Why should anyone at all be allowed to be doing something "illegal" no matter what it is or for when it still comes down to it is "illegal", due to not going through the correct means of making one's self legal by following the rules like the rest of us in the world have to. Just because it is related to, so-called "work" does not mean every single "illegal" immigrant is here just to work. Why should we change our world to suit their wants and needs when we have to follow the law of the land? Why should they get to get instant legal status that we do not get instant anything for here or abroad when it comes to you change to enter the country you enter not the country has to change to suit you and your ways, lives, status, religion or culture. My ancestors did not get a break and did not get-to-get instant anything. They struggled and worked very hard to be here and followed the law of entry at the same time as they worked and helped to make this country what it is today, so what or why should today’s "Illegal" immigrants get what our ancestors and we who live here do not even get. If it is "illegal”, it is illegal plain and simple. What is wrong with society that wants us to rally behind those who want to do things illegally when all our lives we are told to live and do life legally or go to jail? Go to jail is what has happened to our legal citizens for lesser situations and you all want the "Illegal’s" to get away scott free and have all the same benefits as if they had been born here and as if they and their ancestors went through the legal means to be here and as if they have rights. When it is "Illegal”, there are no rights. Do words just get said and have no true meaning an no true legality standing except for the select few. So many of us are sick and tired of hearing that the "illegal’s" have rights. Just the word "illegal" means you have no rights, just like the rest of us when we do something illegal. Jail and fines and other sorts of imprisonment are bestowed upon us, but let’s make special considerations for the "Illegal’s!!! Who has made or makes special arrangements for the rest of us if we were to do something illegal? No one, no one at all because we did it illegally and therefore are afforded no right to intentionally do something illegal and want legal status for it. What a bunch of bull gets slung in this world for the sake of the few who want special rights and privileges that are not afforded to the whole Unite States and so we get to be discriminated against for the sake of the "Illegal’s". What a country, screw your own, but give special breaks and status to the ones who are "illegal’s”. What message does this send out to the country and kids of today anyway? Leaves not much to wonder why it is that the terrorists get away with what they do, they have rights and can get legal status for what they do, all they have to do is protest how bad they are being treated for doing something "Illegal" and that they too should get special status for what they caused in the first place due to not following the law(s), rules of the land and value for life and living under the rule of said land. Our rules say there are legal channels to go through to become a citizen and they want to circumvent the system and use the guise of work as their reason for not having to do what it takes to get that "status of citizenship" and they call Americans lazy, I think not. If the rules of the land are good for one they are good for all and especially if they are "ILLEGAL" in the first place. Try doing what they do such as flying a non-American flag in their country and see what happens. Try to own land in their country and see what happens. Try to do something illegal in their country that you were not even aware of and see what happens, but they come here full well knowing they are illegal and want the U.S.A. to feel sorry for them for choosing to make an illegal move and it should all be excused and made OK just because they work. Well so, do the Americans that are not given the same break(s) they want and if an American was to burn, drag on the ground or desecrate our flag in any way they can get penalized by the law for such. The South East is a prime example of this with flying the Confederate Flag because they want to and so many put up a stink about something like that saying we have one flag and it is “illegal” to fly another, yet "illegal’s" are now being afforded more rights and freedoms than those who are born here and whose ancestors fought our wars and built our lands all while following the rules not breaking them and asking or demanding special privileges. Works great for the lawyers ends who are and do the "illegal’s" fighting for them, so are they doing it for free due to the fact that they are now so poor and broke they cannot pay. And to that end why should America and Americans who live by the law of the land have to foot the bill for "illegal’s" to say they have a right and a say in why they should be here when it still comes down to they broke the law and they are here "ILLEGALLY"! Moreover, it was premeditated, they knew they were going to break the law; they did break the law and are still breaking the law by being here. And Americans who are staving, struggling to not end up in the streets, the ones who are living in the streets, the kids going without the necessities of life who are here legally, should all feel sorry for the one’s who had and have a blatant disregard for the law of the U.S.A. and came here anyway. Well not everyone feels that they should get the status that is not afforded the American citizen who is here legally and living by the law. The plain and simple truth of it is "ILLEGAL ENTRY" is illegal no matter how anyone wants to explain it away.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


Welcome to our fair nation.

Here in the United States we use multiple paragraphs in our writings rather than a single run-on paragraph. We also use capital letters for proper nouns and at the beginning of sentences, not whenever we feel moved to use them.

In addition, in the United States we do not use quotation marks to indicate emphasis. Instead, quotation marks are used to indicate actual quotations or, in the case of "sneer quotes", as a flag to provoke in the reader a negative association for the word enclosed in the quotes.

The effect of using scare quotes is often similar to inserting "so-called" to modify a word. Thus, your use of quotation marks around the word "illegal" creates the same effect as saying "so-called illegal", which may be directly counter to your intention. Perhaps you should should stick to using multiple exclamation points indicate emphasis.

And this sentence -- "Why should they get to get instant legal status that we do not get instant anything for here or abroad when it comes to you change to enter the country you enter not the country has to change to suit you and your ways, lives, status, religion or culture." -- I just don't know where to begin correcting this "sentence".

But please do not let my constructive criticism deter you from developing a fluency in English. The proper use of the English language will be critical if you want to achieve any level of success here in the U.S. -- so keep on trying.


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