Friday, June 06, 2008

"And don't get me started about my daughter-in-law..."

Maybe I'm a foolishly sunny optimist -- friends, family and long-time readers are forgiven for laughing -- but I seriously question the actual threat posed by the much-hyped anti-Obama Clinton-supporters.

There is no doubt that some noisy cranks and dramatic crackpots have made themselves and their bruised feelings known to the press. But these people can't be taken seriously.

They are those pathetic souls, burdened with their laundry list of petty grievances, who whine and moan about everything -- "kids these days," "the Mexicans," the new minister -- and complain to anyone who will give them the time of day. Or who is unfortunate enough to be standing in line with them.

If the press was reporting on barking dogs, those same bellyachers would be elbowing their way to the cameras to bitch about the neighbor's lab.

We can't let our candidate or our party get distracted by a handful of serial gripers.


Rob_N said...

I'm a cereal gripper -- gotta get my whole grains in the morning. ;)

Kevin McKague said...

I hear comments from people like these almost daily calling in to various call-in shows on NPR, claiming that they just can't possibly vote for Obama, and might vote for McCain.

This, of course, is absurd, and I suspect that the callers are actually Republican stooges setting out to make the option of a protest vote for McCain look like a rational option held by many people.

This will pass. A few might stay home, some might vote for a third party, but I doubt that many will be able to stomach the idea of voting for McCain.


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