Thursday, August 25, 2005


From Think Progress:
Conservatives took President Bush’s cue yesterday and turned the spotlight on Tammy Pruett, an Iraq mom whose husband and five sons have all served in Iraq. Under the headline, “Move Over, Cindy: Bush Singles Out Other Military Mom,” Matt Drudge said that Bush had taken “direct aim at Cindy Sheehan” when he highlighted Pruett during his speech to Idaho National Guardsmen.

But last night, when Tammy and her husband Leon appeared on CNN, they weren’t exactly reading from President Bush’s script:

CAPT. LEON PRUETT: You know, Paula, I guess Cindy and the other folks that have lost loved ones over there, you know, we grieve with them and we’re sorry for their losses and empathize with them and their families and what they’re going through.

We don’t have anything against anybody that wants to protest or do anything like that. That’s wonderful. Isn’t it right — isn’t it wonderful that we have that right in this country to be able to do that?

ZAHN: Tammy, do you think Cindy is dishonoring the service of those that are currently in Iraq fighting?

T. PRUETT: You know, that’s a really tricky question.

Personally, as a mother, I feel her pain. Obviously, I can’t feel it to the extent that she does. But I totally empathize with her feelings. It wouldn’t be the way that I would choose to honor one of my sons if it happened to our family.

Looks like the WingNuts didn't properly vet the crew before launching this particular Swift Boat operation.

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