Monday, August 29, 2005


The official NOAA/National Weather Service outlook for New Orleans:
The Majority of Industrial Buildings Will Become Non-Functional. Partial to Complete Wall and Roof Failure Is Expected. All Wood Framed Low Rising Apartment Buildings Will Be Destroyed. Concrete Block Low Rise Apartments Will Sustain Major Damage...Including Some Wall and Roof Failure.
High Rise Office and Apartment Buildings Will Sway Dangerously...A Few Possibly to the Point of Total Collapse. Many Windows Will Blow Out.

Airborne Debris Will Be Widespread...And May Include Heavy Items Such as Household Appliances and Even Light Vehicles. Sport Utility Vehicles and Light Trucks Will Be Moved. The Blown Debris Will Create Additional Destruction. Persons...Pets...And Livestock Exposed to the Winds Will Face Certain Death If Struck.

Power Outages Will Last for Weeks...As Most Power Poles Will Be down and Transformers Destroyed. Water Shortages Will Make Human Suffering Incredible by Modern Standards.
Why wait? You can help start the recovery right now by making a donation on the Red Cross web site.

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