Thursday, July 27, 2006

And Counting...

An enterprising individual has created the US/Iraq Coffin Counter:
This site is a response to this site referencing the current Israeli/Lebanese conflict and the disproportionate death toll. I wanted to similarly show another visualization of the current number of peopl killed in Iraq on both American and Iraqi sides.1 Unlike the Israeli/Lebanese visualization showing a single death per coffin -- this visualization shows an astounding 25 people killed per coffin. The numbers here also came BBC.
Emphasis added.

1SCAM Note: The use of the word "sides" is misleading. It is important to keep something in mind -- every dead American represented on that site is a purported liberator of Iraq and every dead Iraqi is someone our troops were sent there to liberate.

Every single death represented on that site -- both U.S. and Iraqi -- is a mortal failure of the Bush Administration.

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