Tuesday, July 25, 2006

N.O.P.E. to NitWTTWits

When I was a youngster, some friends organized a informal protest against some of their alma matter's policies. They were the N.O.P.E. Club -- Not One Penny Ever.

They held no meetings and they collected no dues. They just responded to every single solicitation from their university with, "N.O.P.E. -- Not One Penny Ever because of [whatever their complaint was]."

I have no idea if their protest was as effective as it was simple, but it popped into my mind after reading the stories in Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times reporting that WTTW-Ch. 11 is adding commentaries by Mancow -- Mancow! -- to its flagship program, "Chicago Tonight."

I am curious about the financial considerations behind this decision.

Certainly the brahmins at Channel 11 knew that there would be many WTTW members who will spontaneously form autonomous WTTW N.O.P.E. clubs and refuse to contribute any more money to the station on the off chance that their dollar would help finance the broadcast of :::shudder::: Mancow.

But how does WTTW intend to recoup that lost revenue?

With Mancow listeners? Doesn't anyone at Channel 11 understand the nature of Mancow's fan base? I find it unlikely that people who cannot afford $12.95/month to subscribe to Howard Stern's satelite radio will spend their limited income on joining their local Public Television station.

WTTW-Ch. 11 would be better served catering to the tastes of those who watch Frontline documentaries rather than those who are the subjects of Frontline documentaries.

Update: Boing-Boing has another incident in the decline of public television.


Greg said...

S-CAM, they're just punishing the greybeards who protested the dumbing-down of CT by hiring host BS and cutting Ponce's time. They really are clueless.

Carl Nyberg said...

Mancow is a racist pig.

When the IDF killed 17 Palestinian civilians--even the IDF wasn't contesting them being ID'd as civilians--Mancow said, "Those are 17 Palestinians who will never be suicide bombers."

Anonymous said...

What's your problem with the First Amendment?

And what is it you elitist snobs have against ordinary people who work for a living?

And finally--how big was your celebration on Sept. 11?

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

Anon 1:10,

Thank you for providing the deep thoughts of the glue-sniffing demographic.



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