Thursday, July 20, 2006

"'Cause It's The Only Thing I Wanna Do..."

The Elk Grove Times provides us with yet another reason to question the judgment of Peter Roskam:
The band rocked out to classics "Can't Fight This Feeling," "Keep On Loving You" and "Time for Me to Fly." They also introduced a few new songs of their new album, which comes out next year.

Peter Roskam, 6th District congressional hopeful and an avid REO Speedwagon fan, was invited by the mayor to attend the bash with his family.

"Hearing REO kind of takes me back," he said. "They're one of those garage bands that made it big."
The 6th District deserves better than a someone who willingly listens to "Hi Infidelity."


Yoda said...

This is possibly the funniest blog post I have seen in a long, long time. Thanks for a needed cheer up after my possibly permanently debilitating experience attending the Cook County slating session to replace Stroger on the ballot. Remember folks, vote Democrat, because they're better than ... than .... oh, well.


michael in chicago said...

Hey now, don't be diss'n REO. They won't be the same without Richrath on lead, but they're still good memories! What's next, you gonna bash Styx and Journey next? You're messing with my glory days Mr. Mayor...

Bridget said...

Hahaha! Mr. Mayor, you're the best! Somehow I doubt that Tammmy has such dorky taste in music. You should call up her office and ask her, lol. Then call Roskam and find out more of his awful music tastes. That would be a hilarious comparison piece!

Yoda said...

Perhaps Roskam's next fundraiser could be a karaoke night. I would love to see him and Dick Cheney in a spirited rendition of "Summer Nights." Perhaps Oberweis could chime in with "My Way." Maybe a little "I Will Survive" courtesy of Judy Baar Topinka? What do you think? A sure-thing money raiser?

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


Admitting you have a problem is the hardest part. Many young people were seduced into soft rock through the gateway music of the power ballad.

One moment, you're holding a lighter aloft during, "I Want to Know What Love Is" -- and the next thing you know, you find yourself singing along with Rod Stewart's "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You."

And it only gets worse.

You begin to argue with your friends and family -- saying terrible things that you will come to regret. Things like, "Phil Collins' solo work isn't so bad," and "Bryan Adams did some good songs." But you can never take it back.

You don't have to hit rock bottom -- e.g., receiving Air Supply's Greatest Hits for Christmas -- before seeking help.

Call on your Higher Power.
It's not too late.

-- S.C.A.M.

michael in chicago said...

LOL! I was 15. Records were still around. Many hormones. But Air Supply? You must be kidding. The guitar oriented bands like REO were a gateway. But not to the softer stuff.

Skeeter said...

If I recall correctly, for me REO was after Foghat but before Talking Heads, which means recovery is possible, if there is a real desire to recover.


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