Sunday, July 23, 2006

"Can't... Stop... Undermining... the Grassroots."

Yes, I'm still catching up on my blog reading.

Over at Soapblox, Bridget provided a report from north of the border reaffirming that they'll be salting the roads in Hell before I send another dollar to the DCCC.


Anonymous said...

They guy raised 28 grand this quarter, spent 31, has about 80 on hand and almost 55 in debt.

I dislike Sensenbrenner as much as anyone, but I think that organizer was probably right, this race doesn't look good.

What's wrong with asking people to contribute to the DCCC if they'll dump the resources into something like FL 22 where the Dem has a good chance of winning?

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

Nothing is wrong with asking folks to contribute to the DCCC.

But I believe that there is something very wrong with the Democratic "leadership" raising by attacking grassroots Democratic candidates.

Bridget said...

Hey, it's one thing sending people out to raise money in a district in which that candidate will never see the cash. I can handle that, whatever.

It's quite another to have these people bashing the Democratic candidate in that district. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, know what I mean? DCCC strategy for distributing cash aside, don't come into this damn district and trash the campaign that is the ONLY hope of kicking out Sensenbrenner this year. Democrats shouldn't be making a habit of eating their own.

What's the point? People can and SHOULD stay positive. Especially if they are representing the party that has a reputation of being terribly fractured as it is.


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