Thursday, July 06, 2006

Libraries Had Fewer Explosions, When I Was a Kid

From the Pioneer Press:
A word to the wise: If you're going to donate books to the local library, don't just leave them in a suitcase outside the building.

Chicago Police Bomb and Arson Unit officers used an explosive June 27 to destroy a large, brown leather suitcase that was left on the sidewalk outside the Chicago Public Library's Roden Branch, 6083 N. Northwest Highway. ***

The suitcase was opened and had what the library employee described as very old books inside. Although the suitcase turned out to be benign, police took all their regular precautions, [Bomb and Arson Section Sgt. Joe Poland] said. "On our end, you can't take any shortcuts," he said. ***

Ruth Lednicer, a Chicago Public Library spokeswoman, said as policy, the Chicago Public Library does not accept donations of used books.
And the library authorities would like you to refrain from dropping dead skunks into the book return slot, as well.

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Roni said...

This is not a joking matter! Beloved books died. *sniff*

OK, maybe I'm too sensitive in my bookworm status. ;)


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