Tuesday, August 28, 2007

GOP in the WC

Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) endorses GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his Republican Family Values

But Craig has resigned as Romney's campaign co-chairman.

He was afraid that his presence as Mitt's right hand-man right-hand man could cause Mitt's campaign to... uh... "stall out".

Bonus: A Sampling of Previous Republican Family Values Revelations

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kidaliasakaaliaskid said...

They're not hypocrites, exactly. The GOP does NOT oppose gay marriages per se. They are just trying to protect the sanctity of ANONYMOUS GAY TOILET SEX. If the gays were allowed to marry each other what would happen to the glorious traditions of the blessed institution and sacrament that is ANONYMOUS GAY TOILET SEX.

Seriously though, if you were a member of the party that considers Ann Coulter a sexpot, your sexual encounters would be anonymous and/or gay too, though probably less public.


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