Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Audacity of Hoops

The Tribune's Blogfather, Eric Zorn, questions the Obama campaigns' choice of a bowling alley as the venue to spotlight the Senator's athletic ability:
[If] you swap the Brunswick ball for a Spalding, Obama becomes “graceful…very fit and agile,” said Newsweek’s senior White House correspondent Richard Wolffe. Wolffe, 39, has several times been invited to join the spirited pick-up basketball games Obama organizes with his entourage while on the campaign trail.

“He’s got a killer move to the left off a right-hand dribble, and if you go for it he’ll drive right past you to the boards,” said Wolffe. “It’s hard to stop him." ***

Sports Illustrated writer S.L. Price challenged Obama to play 1-on-1 shortly before the Iowa caucuses. They played a pair of games at a YMCA in Spencer, Iowa, and, Price reported, Obama won both. ***

Why haven’t we seen this yet? Why did the public’s first look at the athletic side of candidate Obama show him as a tentative, inadequate bowler?

Well Mr. Zorn, the answer is obvious:
Fast Break Veterans for Truth

Ominous voice: "Barack Obama says he has game. But during a 1999 a pick-up game, eyewitnesses -- Obama's own teammates -- saw him miss a routine layup."

Man's voice: "The ball just rolled around the hoop... and popped out! So how can Obama possibly lead the nation?"

Second man's voice: "Barack had the lane to himself -- nobody was on him -- and he missed. And this guy is supposed to protect my children at 3 a.m.?"

Former Arkansas governor: "This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen"

Ominous voice: "Barack Obama's claims he's ready to play ball and to lead the country. But those who know him best say:


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rastewart said...

The sad thing is, at least 30% of the Americans who find this link will take it as straight gospel truth.


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