Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Low Can You GOP?

John Nichols of The Nation:
The Constitution Party -- which supports the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment (the one that allows Congress to tax income) and the Seventeenth Amendment (the one that requires the direct election of U.S. Senators) and believes that states should be allowed to secede at will -- took a look at Alan Keyes and found him wanting as a candidate.

But the Republican Party was willing placed Keyes' name on the ballot in its race to retain a Senate seat from Illinois.

And which party are we supposed to take seriously?
And the same clueless, Grand Old Party bosses want their proven political wisdom to override the will of Illinois primary voters.

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Anonymous said...

Lest you forget, the Demorats were the party of racial segregation for 100 years; the party that turned a blind eye to the Holocaust; the party that gave us the nanny state and Vietnam; the party that turned a blind eye to the Rwandan genocide; the party that raises taxes on the poor while providing no police protection or health care safety net; the party of Todd Stroger, the Daleys, the Duffs, Rod Blagojevich, Bill "Impeached" Clinton, and now Hussein Osama. Talk to me about which party to take seriously.

Do you even LIVE in the Austin neighborhood, ho?

Cheryl said...

"Hussein Osama"

Mr. Oberweiss? That you?

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


1. The Democratic party was the party of bigotry a hundred years ago?!? Oh snap!

Never mind the Bush team's Invasion of Iraq, I guess you burned me.

2. Do you live in a community called "Anonymous" or do you sometimes understand that a name may not have a relationship to the neighborhood in which one lives?

Sorry about your confusion,

so-called "Austin Mayor"


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