Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BioFuel Breakthrough: Clinton and McCain Agree on Horseshit-Based Gas Policy

The Atlantic's James Fallows on Clinton-McCain economics:
The pandering and ignorance-across-party-lines represented by the John McCain-Hillary Clinton united front for a temporary reduction in the gasoline tax should make Americans hold their heads in their hands and moan.

No one who has thought about this issue thinks that it will actually reduce prices or -- more important -- help the the people disproportionately hurt by $100+/barrel oil and $4 gasoline. And to the extent it has any effect on America's long-term approach to energy policy, transportation, oil dependence, and climate change, the effect will be perverse.

I can imagine that John McCain, who boasts about his sketchy command of economics, might consider this a good idea. But the master of policy, Hillary Clinton??

Please. This is embarrassing. It makes me long for the good old days of debating about flag pins on the lapel.
But rest assured Americans -- once McCain or Clinton gets in the White House, then he or she will start proposing and implementing sound and responsible policies.

Just you wait and see.

HuffPo: Expert Support For Gas Tax Holiday Appears Nonexistent

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