Monday, May 24, 2004

Argus Endorses Herseth

Stephanie Herseth has received the endorsement of the Argus-Leader:
Herseth shows not only a willingness to tackle the issues but an in-depth knowledge of their impact on South Dakotans. And she offers concrete proposals that make sense and would benefit our state.

Most important, she speaks with a sophisticated voice that would be heard in Congress.

She has the ability to persuade, to sell her colleagues in the House on what's important to South Dakotans. Her closeness to the coalition-building, aisle-crossing, more bipartisan and more conservative Blue Dog Democrats makes that even more likely.

Our primary need is to have someone in the U.S. House who can influence others, to speak up articulately and passionately for South Dakota.
A candidate with "in-depth knowledge", "concrete proposals", "a sophisticated voice", "the ability to persuade." And the ability to "influence others", and "to speak up articulately and passionately."

Those words describe both candidates over on the right side of this blog. Why don't you give one or both a click and help send a couple of quality people to Washington.

Via Daily Kos

Update: And hurry, Herseth's election is on June 1st -- next Tuesday! And if you've got nothing else to do this weekend get on the bus.

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