Monday, May 24, 2004

Oh, that explains the deficit, the failed war, the economy, etc.

A Washington Post article chronicles the hardships of today's Republican party:
On Wednesday, [Dennis] Hastert questioned [John] McCain's GOP bona fides after the Arizona senator criticized Republicans for refusing to sacrifice their tax cutting and spending agendas in wartime. Hastert added that to understand sacrifice, the former POW "ought to visit our young men and women at Walter Reed [Army Medical Center] and Bethesda [Naval Hospital]. There's the sacrifice in this country."

McCain -- perhaps the most popular Republican legislator in the country, except among Republican legislators -- got the last word. "I fondly remember a time when real Republicans stood for fiscal responsibility," he said.
Hastert's spokesman John Feehery explained, "It's extremely difficult to govern when you control all three branches of government."

Please help make it easier for the GOP to govern.

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