Friday, June 25, 2004


Archpundit makes a compelling argument that our governor is The Biggest Ass in the Illinois Democratic Party for calling special sessions in Springfield when there is no business for the legislators to conduct.

Another way Blagorgeous' meaningless special sessions have screwed things up is that every time he calls one he pulls the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate off of the campaign/fund-raising trail.

I have been to at least two events where Barack Obama was to attend, where instead of asking, "Where does Obama stand on the issues?" the attendees asked, "Where's Obama?" (The answer was, "He's down in Springfield trying to help hammer out a budget.")

While this might not have seemed like a big deal while the Ryan campaign was imploding, Obama still does need to glad-hand contributors and make them feel "special" to keep money flowing into the campaign. And now the new GOP candidate -- whoever it is -- will get a heap of free televised face-time, while Blagorgeous holds Obama (and the rest of the state) hostage in Springfield.

If I was a paranoid man, I might think that the governor was trying to ham-string the rising Democratic star from Illinois -- someone about whom the national press is already saying "future Presidential candidate" -- for his own personal gain.

Fortunately, we know that Blagorgeous would never let presidential aspirations hamper his performance in his current office, and that he would never manipulate the process in Springfield for his own political benefit.

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