Monday, December 20, 2004


From Time:
“Michael Moore’s got to be the worst for me,” former President George H.W. Bush tells TIME’s Hugh Sidey when asked about the low point of his son’s first term. “I mean, he’s such a slimeball and so atrocious.
  • Not the loss of millions of jobs
  • Not the squandering of a huge budget surplus
  • Not the creation of a huge budget debt
  • Not the failure to capture or kill Osama Bin Ladin
  • Not the schism between the U.S. and its traditional allies
  • Not the failure to find WMDs in Iraq
  • Not the moral stain that is Abu Ghraib
  • Not the 9,765 U.S. troops wounded in Iraq
  • Not the 1,200 troops killed in Iraq
  • Not 9-11 -- the most massive security failure in U.S. history
Nope -- Poppy says that the worst part of Junior's first term was the fat, hairy guy in the baseball cap that dared talk about other things.

And there is this little jem from Barbara:
On the rules of Parenting a President and a First Lady: "He knows we're the only two people in America who are awake at 6 in the morning," Barbara Bush tells Sidey.
Unless Geo. Sr. has been delivering all the papers and picking up all the garbage while Barbara bales all the hay and milks all of the cows in the nation*, I am fairly certain that there are quite a few people in America who are awake -- and working pretty damn hard -- at 6 in the morning.

But you shouldn't expect the First Family of Kennebunkport to think about those little people -- God knows their son doesn't.

*Neil, no doubt, would man the all-night tattoo parlors and porno shops.

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