Thursday, December 30, 2004


From Zorn's Tribune column:
He spent the year staking out pusillanimous, poll-tested positions, picking fights with fellow Democrats and borrowing against tomorrow to avoid making hard budget decisions today.

His prescription drug importation plan enrolled only about 2,000 subscribers; his Dolly Parton-inspired notion to give babies a book a month went bye-bye; his demand that lawmakers penalize sales of violent video games to minors revealed yet again his flimsy grasp of the Constitution; and his idea to import flu vaccine now looks as if it may cost us $2.5 million.

The irony is that all of Blagojevich's populist grandstanding appeared aimed at positioning himself for a run for president or vice president, and while he was playing the angles, Obama -- whose candidacy Blagojevich had neither the courage, independence or foresight to get behind early -- streaked past him onto the national stage.

Tomorrow's "I Told Ya So" today: Obama's future is all exclamation points; Blagojevich's has become one fat question mark.
Be sure to read the entire column -- including EZ's use of the word "dawg".

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