Saturday, December 04, 2004


Just one more post on the topic I first addressed here and here and I promise that I won't post on this subject again...
for at least a week.

In today's Sun-Times, the Blagovernor returns to the first page in his playbook, this time as a response to the ST investigation into why Illinois' wounded soldiers are receiving some of the lowest disability pay in the country:
Gov. Blagojevich also sent a terse letter to [Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi] demanding a plan to address "this intolerable situation."
So let's take a look at our Blagorgeous leadership check lists:

1) A cause that no one could be against -- disability pay for wounded veterans -- Check!
2) Action required by a non-Blago entity -- a demand that the V.A. craft a plan to address "this intolerable situation" -- Check!
3) A press release -- an open letter to the V.A. Secretary -- Check!
4) The win-win Blago-bonus -- A) Action by the V.A. means a moral victory for Blagorgeous, and B) inaction by the V.A. means Blagorgeous stood up for Illinois military men and women, so no matter what, Rod Blagojevich is the champion of wounded soldiers -- Check!

Hat's off to the Governor, for yet another heroic press release!

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