Thursday, December 16, 2004


From today's Tribune story on Blagorgeous' call to criminalize the sale of naughty video games to the children:
The new initiative by Blagojevich fits a pattern the politically ambitious Democrat has established of trying to create a national buzz for himself by championing causes with surefire headline appeal.
So let's take a look at our Blagorgeous leadership check lists:
  1. A cause "with surefire headline appeal" -- protecting children from images of violence and graphic sex in video games -- Check!
  2. Action required of a non-Blago entity -- the proposed legislation "make[s] it a misdemeanor for retailers to allow anyone younger than 18 to walk out of their stores with violent or sexually explicit video games" -- Check!
  3. A press release -- From the Tribune story:
    Blagojevich is scheduled to formally unveil his video game proposal at a news conference in Naperville, where more than a dozen mothers of children in middle school will serve as a backdrop. Officials with a Naperville school district said the governor's office asked them to arrange the event for Wednesday but then postponed it for a day, in part to accommodate more national media coverage.
    -- Check!
  4. The win-win Blago-bonus -- A) If the Governor's bill passes constitutional muster, a threat of up to a year in prison or a $5,000 fine will keep merchants from selling objectionable games to kids, and B) If the bill is found to violate the 1st Amendment -- U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner in Chicago, who found that video games, like books, are protected by the 1st Amendment, says trying to pass laws to protect children from violent descriptions is wrongheaded. "It would leave them unequipped to cope with the world as we know it." -- Blagorgeous will still have stood against the filth, smut, horror, etc. that has corrupted our society. Once again, no matter the outcome, Gov. Rod Blagojevich is protector of Illinois' boys and girls -- Check!

The Governor has done it again. His cry of "What about the children?!?" will be heard across the nation. But it looks like folks are starting to catch on.

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