Thursday, June 16, 2005


GOP state senators have rejected Republican moderates running for 6th District seat.

From the Chicago Tribune:
State Sen. Peter Roskam's campaign to succeed retiring U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde in the 6th Congressional District received a boost Wednesday when he was endorsed by his Senate colleagues in the west suburban district--all of them Republican.
More from the SunTimes:

Missing from Roskam's news conference in an Elmhurst park was state Sen. Carole Pankau of Roselle, who is also running in the hotly contested congressional race.

Roskam, 43, a Wheaton lawyer, said he hopes the lack of support from her Senate colleagues prompts Pankau to rethink her candidacy.

"Listen, there's a whole host of reasons why you want senators involved early in your campaign, and a restraining influence on possible opponents is certainly one of them," Roskam said. "I think the message speaks for itself."

Reached later, Pankau, 57, laughed off the move.

"If you want to send a message back to Sen. Roskam: That's not going to work," she told the Sun-Times. "I'm going to run."

Endorsing Roskam, 43, were GOP state senators Dan Cronin of Elmhurst, Wendell Jones of Palatine, Kay Wojcik of Schaumburg, Dave Sullivan of Park Ridge and Steve Rauschenberger of Elgin ***

The remaining Republican in the race, former DuPage County Recorder of Deeds J.P. "Rick" Carney, 58, dismissed most of the endorsements, saying "senators support senators... That's the fraternity."
So Steve Rauschenberger has joined Tom Roeser in endorsing Pete "Just Disgusting" Roskam for the 6th District.

I certainly hope that their endorsement of this carpetbagging, right-wing extremist is as successful as their previous endorsement of Alan Keyes was.

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