Monday, June 06, 2005


The Tribune's "The Beat: West" repeats a story that first appeared last Tuesday in Sneed's S-T column:
As [Peter Roskam], the Republican minority whip from Wheaton, was heading home from Springfield along Interstate Highway 55 recently, another driver pulled up next to him in Will County and held up a check in the window. Roskam pulled over at the next exit, and the driver of the other car -- a lobbyist who mostly supports Democratic causes -- gave him $500.
Although both pieces expressed shock that a strong Democratic supporter would give Roskam a $500 check, it makes perfect sense to me.

Most Democrats would like nothing more than for their candidate, whomever it may be, to face off against the right-wing, NRA-smooching, district hopping, Tom DeLay disciple in November 2006.

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