Thursday, June 30, 2005


I warned the folks at DKos, now I'm warning you:
Before you donate money to the Christine Cegelis campaign, be aware of the message that you will be sending to the Democratic "leadership" in D.C.

You will be telling the leaders that the members of the Democratic party can decide for themselves who they will send to Washington.

You will be expressing the strength of grass-roots progressives as opposed to establishment party politicians.

You will let the party know that you fully support a brave candidate like Christine, a candidate who took on a petrified GOP fixture like Henry Hyde, backed only by some die-hard supporters and a willingness to work damn hard.

You will be saying that 44% against Henry Hyde matters, that driving Henry Hyde from the House of Representatives matters, that courage and hard work -- not connections and deep pockets -- matters.

So proceed with caution, because your contribution will send a very powerful message.
Will you send a message?

Christine Cegelis (IL-06) $

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