Thursday, June 23, 2005


Paul Harvey -- racist madman?

Start listening 12 minutes into this
blood-thirsty rant and decide for yourself.

You can thank WGN Radio for spewing such demented hate at:
WGN Radio
435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
WGN Switchboard: 312-222-4700
WGN Fax: 312-222-5165

Harvey said, "I've been choking on something for weeks." It seems to me that this quote from David McCullough, was the source of that "something".
Churchill came over after Pearl Harbor, when Hitler was running wild, almost to Moscow, when we had lost half of our Navy at Pearl Harbor, when we had no air force, when recruits were drilling with wooden rifles, and Britain was virtually on her last legs, and he came over, and he gave a magnificent speech, in which he said, "We haven't journeyed this far because we're made of sugar candy."

And Churchill was an historian. He understood what our predecessors had been through in our behalf.

Abigail Adams wrote the same thing in a letter to her husband. She said, "Future generations who will reap the blessings will scarcely conceive the hardships and suffering we've been through."

It's alas too true. We don't. We need to do a far better job of reading and understanding our own history, and teaching our own history.

As is evident from this excerpt from the Pulitzer-Prize winning historian, Churchill was clearly talking about Americans history of "cowboying up" and "toughing it out", not about wantonly causing the untold deaths of innocent civilians.

Sadly, despite pinching this Churchill quote from McCullough, Paul Harvey doesn't seem to understand what makes America's history uniquely great at all.

UPDATE II: If you are having trouble with the audio links above, go to Paul Harvey's website and click on the "Thursday Noon" link.

UPDATE III: Zorn has transcribed it in all its glory.

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Anonymous said...

Paul Harvey was telling a story about Billy the Kid and repeatedly called the laundry store clerk a Chinaman. He wasn't even quoting anyone, this was his own choice of words.

The story was really lame, and the racism didn't help at all.

What is wrong with this guy? And what is wrong with WGN Chicago? For a moderate radio station they sure air some pretty ignorant crap.


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