Saturday, March 18, 2006

11th Hour 6th District Reviews

Friday evening, Lynn Sweet and Dick Kay briefly discussed the Sixth District Democratic Primary on WTTW Channel 11’s Chicago Tonight: The Week In Review.

Sweet said that Tammy Duckworth is the front-runner “just by virtue of the enormous amount of money at her disposal,” but that there will be a battle from Democratic “activists in the DuPage area who have worked for years to grow a party there” who resent the intrusion of the Duckworth campaign. Duckworth seems well positioned Sweet said, but “the democratic turnout here is key, because if it’s a low turnout, it just might favor Cegelis.”

And there was this from Dick Kay (rough transcript):
Cegelis, I think, has a great shot at this -- and it’s going to be a blow to those democratic would-be kingmakers when this happens -- because Cegelis has some foot soldiers. She’s been building an organization. Duckworth does not have an organization built. Lindy Scott is waging a good campaign -- he has a real campaign going out there. But it might favor Cegelis because of the resentment of these people coming in and trying to tell the democrats in DuPage County what to do.
And over at the the Beachwood Reporter, Steve Rhodes considers the source of that resentment (Item the 6th):
How cynical is the campaign of Iraqi war veteran and double-amputee Tammy Duckworth? Well, with Rahm Emanuel (and Dick Durbin) behind it, very. Watching the Democrats pimp an Iraqi war vet is pathetic. "Like the Republicans wouldn't stoop so low," a Duckworth operative told me. How edifying.

This is the race to replace Henry Hyde. Christine Cegelis won 44 percent against Hyde last time out, yet the national party has thrown her overboard. Thanks for your hard work, Christine!

(The operative told me that Cegelis "couldn't put it together." Yeah, I guess 44 percent against Hyde doesn't really qualify as "putting it together." As opposed to Duckworth, who so obviously put her campaign together all by herself.)

There is more here.

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