Monday, March 13, 2006

"Bush without the charm"

From the New Yorker:
Cheney is Bush without the charm, the religiosity, the Michael Gerson speech texts, and the Presidential sheen.

What he personifies, above all, is the raw reality of Bush’s signature policies, all of which he has had a strong hand in creating. There are the giant tax cuts for the rich, especially the very rich. (“We won the midterms,” Cheney told Bush’s economic team, according to the journalist Ron Suskind, when another such cut was on the table, after the 2002 congressional elections. “This is our due.”)

There is the related, and enormous, budget deficit, which will necessitate another $800-billion rise in the debt limit by the middle of this month if the government is to avoid defaulting on its obligations. (“Deficits don’t matter,” Cheney once explained.)

There is the strategically and morally disastrous misconduct of the “war on terror,” including authorized torture, defiantly unlawful domestic surveillance, and habitual, self-defeating contempt for allied opinion and international instruments. There is the toxic combination of reflexive secrecy and the political use of secrets, as in the Scooter Libby affair. There is, in place of an energy policy, obeisance to the oil industry—and thus to the petrocracy of the Middle East. (Conservation, according to Cheney, is “a personal virtue.”)

Above all, there is the terrible war in Iraq, undertaken on the basis of faulty, willfully distorted, sometimes falsified intelligence and now about to enter its fourth year, with no end in sight to the bloodshed and chaos. (“I think they’re in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency,” Cheney said last June.)

Against this background, the figure of twenty-three per cent is not shockingly low.

It’s shockingly high.

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glenda said...

Nice commentary. Elegantly put.

As for the war...Since President Bush is planning to take his usual Easter vacation at his ranch, peace activists from around the country, including Cindy Sheehan and other Gold Star Families for Peace, will return to Camp Casey for five days of rallies, performances, teach-ins and more.
Come to Crawford Texas, April 13 - 16.


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