Friday, March 30, 2007

A Jury of Peers

"You know how dumb the average person is? Well, by definition, half of 'em are even dumber than that."
-- J.R. "Bob" Dobbs

Your Chicago Sun-Times is covering jury selection in the Brown's Chicken massacre case:
Most who were questioned remembered the high-profile case. But the male juror picked Thursday said he knew nothing about it, though he had lived in Cook County his entire life.

"I actually thought it was Brown's Chicken had bad chicken. I had no idea," the juror said.

[Judge Vincent Gaughan] ordered the jurors' names be kept secret, citing security concerns.
You bet, to keep 'em secure from ridicule.

In all fairness, the ST tells us that this clueless juror "appeared to be in his 20s", so he may not even have been 10 years old when the murders took place. But somebody should buy this guy a newspaper.

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Steve_Tharck said...

Heh im the "Clueless juror." And I was 13 at the time of the murders.


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