Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reasonable People

Go visit Illinois Reason:
Illinois Reason is a progressive blog dedicated to ensuring the Illinois political discussion is reality-based, open and truthful. As such, Illinois Reason’s primary mission is to discuss progressive values and ideas which benefit the common good and to engage and correct conservative misinformation promoted by conservative news and commentary sources which is not accurate, reliable, or credible and which forwards a conservative agenda at the expense of the public good.

Our goal is to ensure that the public conversation remains productive, honest, and fair. Illinois Reason seeks to encourage informed and well-reasoned citizenship, believing that we the people are indeed the ultimate check and balance to hold our government accountable.

Here's the RSS Feed.


Jake P said...

Hmmm....why isn't that a FeedBurner feed?!?!?! easy plug-in work!

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

Who had eight minutes to three in the "When will we get a FeedBurner plug" pool?

Rob said...

Thanks for the plug S-CAM.

Blog types may also enjoy one of the inaugural posts, Illinois "Treason". A bit less dry than the wordy "About" page, and Bruno Behrend has left some interesting comments in reply.

ArchPundit said...

Jake--actually, there is a feedburner feed, but I had some problems integrating it--nothing huge, but it will be there soon.


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