Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blue is the Colour: "We're all together and winning is our aim"

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" -- Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797) (attributed)

"We've tried nothin'... and we're all out of ideas!" -- Ned Flanders' beatnik father, The

As DuPage County's preeminent psudonymous liberal blogger, I was asked a while ago for my opinion of Operation: Turn DuPage Blue, Michael in Chicago's PrairieStateBlue post about OTDB and Amy Tauchman's follow-up.

After taking some time and giving it some thought, here are my observations:

First, I think the idea of a schism among DuPage Democrats may be overstated. It seems that the goal of OTDB is to create a grassroots ground force of precinct workers who can work together to elect Democratic candidates in DuPage County. If this is their goal -- and I've seen no reason to believe it isn't -- then no Democrat in DuPage County should have a beef with them.

Second, the idea that any divisions among DuPage Democrats were caused by a Cegelis cabal clandestinely undermining the party organization is simply absurd.

I like and admire Christine Cegelis. She is one of my political heroes. The courage and character that she demonstrated in her runs for Congress should serve as a model for every Democratic candidate -- DuPage County and around the nation. And, yes, I do think she was screwed over. Royally. But I would never undermine DuPage Democratic candidates as part of some misguided revenge plot. And I don't think that any other Cegelis supporter would. And I can't imagine Christine would want them to.

And the facts back me up.

Some lazy thinkers in Washington and the DuPage Democratic organization continue to peddle the idea that Roskam won because Cegelis supporters didn't get behind Duckworth. I must admit, that is a tempting excuse for not winning an open seat in a year when Democrats otherwise ran the table.

But let's dare to consider the facts:
So let's can we please dispense with the silly argument that Cegelis supporters are undermining the Democratic party in DuPage County. They aren't now and they never have.

And so, finally, we get to the question, "What do I think of Operation: Turn DuPage Blue?"

OTDB has a clear goal: To beat Republicans by getting more Dems on the street. Amy T says OTDB is "incredibly committed to doing just that and will continue to work in concert with anyone or any group who shares that goal."

So, as an advocate of grassroots politics and Howard Dean's 50 State Plan, OTDB is certainly speaking my language.

And it seems that they are actually putting actions behind their words -- OTDB is one of the sponsors of Camp Wellstone at the College of DuPage. OTDB is hosting a training program -- based on the successful strategies of Saint Paul Wellstone -- that will teach progressives how to win on issues and elect good candidates.

And they're doing it here in DuPage County!

One could easily look backwards and ask, "Why hasn't someone done this in DuPage County before?" But I'd rather look forward and ask, "Who got this done? Who's making a difference? Who's working now -- RIGHT NOW -- to elect Democrats in DuPage County in 2008?"

Operation: Turn DuPage Blue is laying the foundation for '08 Democratic campaign victories right now.

And if you haven't yet decided whether or not to get behind their work, I offer this reminder:

"All that is necessary for Republicans to triumph is for Democrats to do nothing."

It's Time To
Do Something.


Bridget said...

OTDB is doing great, needed work. I am very pleased that Amy and the rest of the gang have taken it upon themselves to get the ball rolling. It's a shame that Gayl Ferraro can't find it within herself to work together with them.

seth said...

A Blue Parable (well not quite, but):

Let’s say there’s a basketball team. Its best player is Jack, a forward who scores the most points – say 16 per game, not exactly Jordanesque – while hearing the loudest cheers from the fans and getting the most press coverage. But in an 82-game season, the team wins only 12 games. And in an arena that seats 20,000, it averages just 7,000 fans per game.

The next year, a new point guard named Fred joins the team. He is happy to pass the ball, and in doing so helps Jack score 24 points per game. The team wins 48 games, makes the playoffs and draws 18,000 fans per game. Naturally, Fred gets significant press coverage along with Jack, and the fans give him hearty cheers previously only heard by Jack.

Should Jack be happy that he’s playing on a winning team, scoring more points and hearing cheers from a greater number of fans? Or should he pout because his success was in part facilitated by Fred, who gains some notice and shares some credit in the process?

As a member of Operation: Turn DuPage Blue never motivated by animosity but merely by the desire to be represented by Democrats, it’s mind-boggling that anyone would take issue with the giving, or taking, of such an ‘assist.’ Aren’t we all on the same team?

Anonymous said...

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