Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Sound of Steve Rhodes's Phone

From the Huffington Post:
Official Barack Obama campaign ringtones.

Sweet Mother of God, that is the WORST IDEA EVER.

Remember what we said the other day about Hillary Clinton's Soprano's spoof? That it was indicative of her surrounding herself with a great team? Yeah. Team Obama, not so much, at least based on whoever thought it was a good idea to greenlight Obama's voice over a heavy drumbeat ringing out "We can have universal healthcare in this country! We can do that!" or the synth disco beat behind "America, it is time to start bringing our troops home!"


Watch the Jon Stewart version
here; it required little in the way of embellishment because these are ACTUAL OBAMA RINGTONES.

If you click here, you will find that it actually worse than all that.


KidAliasAKAAliasKid said...

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Obama phone... Ring ring ring ring ring Obama phoooone!

Bridget said...

Dear GOD, make it stop!!!


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