Tuesday, March 15, 2005


The Southern Illinoisan follows up on the latest stunt from Alan Keyes:
To alleviate some of the debt he acquired during his unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate, Alan Keyes is now hawking copies of his last year's debates with Barack Obama - in "top quality DVD or VHS."
The e-mail sent from http://www.keyesmediacentral.com/ said, "all products are offered as premiums available for minimum suggested, non-deductible donations" and that ordering the debate videos will "help ensure that Alan and his family are not left with the burden of remaining campaign debt."

But it seems that the actual copyright holders would like to have a say in the matter:
ABC Channel 7 News Director Jennifer Graves said she was shocked to hear about Keyes' distribution of her station's program.

"This is the first I have heard of this," Graves said. "I'm going to have to make some phone calls around the newsroom, and then I think I will be calling our lawyer."
Although, neither the Southern Illinoisan story nor KeyesMediaCentral.com explained how a campaign that used so little paid media acquired much debt, but previous Senate races show that campaign debt may arise from Keyes' unique campaign expenses.

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs has his own theory about where the money is going:
"Given the fact that Alan Keyes suffered the greatest electoral defeat in Illinois Senate history, I can't imagine why anyone would give him any money. *** However, given the recent announcement of the retirement of Sen. Paul Sarbanes, I can only presume any proceeds from the sale of these videos will likely follow him to Maryland for a fourth senate contest."
Either that or legal fees.

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