Thursday, March 17, 2005


In today's Sun-Times, Lynn Sweet once again sets sail in pursuit of the man that Eric Zorn has described as her white whale.

Because the publisher of Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance bought a full page ad in the NYT to tout the books success, Sweet says "this seems like a good time for me to dig out Obama's May 28, 2004, financial disclosure form and share with you details about the deal."

And what secrets did Sweet dig out of this public document? That if 80% of the 500,000 copies of Dreams that are in print have been sold "it puts Obama's check in the range of $392,000."

While that is no small sum of money, I imagine that Barack Obama is one of the few graduates from Harvard Law School with more than 10 years experience -- much less the former editors of the Harvard Law Review -- who made less than $400k last year.

In fact, the average starting salary for Harvard Law School graduates in the private sector is $125,000.

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