Thursday, March 10, 2005


"This is about winning campaigns. I come from the Vince Lombardi school: 'Winning is everything.'" -- Rep. Rahm Emanuel

Well, not everything.

From Roll Call (via dKos):
Illinois Democrats on Capitol Hill said Wednesday they have essentially shut the door on revisiting the state's Congressional map as a means of retaliation for GOP-led redistricting efforts elsewhere in the country, citing a lack of consensus here and back home on how to proceed.


Emanuel, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, echoed the sentiment that Democrats wanted to send a message by taking the high road.
Kos asks
Who is getting this "message"? There are only two types of people getting the message. To political junkies like us, the message is, "We're losers." And to their Republican colleagues, who are on a redistricting tear across the country, the message is, "We're patsies."

The idea wasn't to validate what DeLay has done. The idea is to fight fire with fire -- to show Republicans that their actions have repercussions. But once again, the GOP gets away with murder while the Dems cower under the bed in fear.
I sincerely hope that Rahm hasn't transferred mid-semester from the Vince Lombardi school to the Halas school, i.e. "This season will be another rebuilding year."

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