Friday, July 15, 2005


Former DuPage County Recorder J.P. "Rick" Carney has bowed out of the race to replace Henry Hyde in the 6th Congressional District. Carney says he is now throwing his support behind ultra-conservative Peter Roskam. And "ultra-conservative" is Carney's word for Roskam, not mine.

From your Chicago Tribune:
"Yes, Peter Roskam is a very conservative man and he's too conservative for my taste, but he's a likable ultra-conservative," said Carney, who described Roskam as an articulate public speaker. "We agree on fiscal things but we disagree on social issues."

Carney, who has said he believes the district has become less reliably Republican since Hyde took office, said he discussed with Roskam the need to have "tolerance and patience" of different viewpoints.
So in his endorsement Carney says Roskam is "very conservative," "too conservative," "ultra-conservative" and that he lacks "tolerance and patience."

If that's Carney's version of throwing Roskam his support, I wonder what throwing Roskam under the bus would look like.

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