Friday, November 25, 2005

Berkowitz: Roskam a November Loser

"Peter Roskam, a loser [this month]; he’s got a challenge [in 6th CD primary] apparently from a moderate Republican"

Jeff Berkowitz -- appearing on WBEZ's month-in-review with 848 host Steve Edwards, columnist Eric Zorn, blogger Leigh Anne Wilson -- says that the primary challenge of real estate developer and Glen Ellyn School District 41 board president John Vivoda to Peter Roskam will make him face some issues he would rather not deal with.

Aside: A hearty "Bravo!" to the Jeff and Leigh for their self-evident preparation and thoughtfulness. All too often the professional journalists who appear on the 848 month-in-review seem to have given the segment no thought at all before getting to the studio. If you missed it, check out the show on the 'BEZ archives and listen to Jeff and Leigh put the pros to shame.

Of course that above complaint doesn't apply to a month-in-review enthusiast like EZ.

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