Thursday, November 10, 2005

One of the Good Ones

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a pattern in its postings -- I think most Republicans suck.

But I don't think all Republicans suck.

The details are being finalized.....The event is on schedule.

The sternos for the chicken wings pan are all set, the fryer is turned on, my dad is really out of breath from blowing up all the balloons....and the really loud 80's rock is set up in the jukebox....

Come on out and bring your friends to the People for Parrillo fundraiser for Jake Parrillo, Village Trustee in Frankfort.

How many folks do you know if public service? Not many? How many under the age of 30? Even less, right? Here's a chance to lend a hand with Jake's campaign.

He has an 'evil' ex-mayor who will stop at nothing to toss Jake out of office and install his own patsy! Your $30 will go a long way to making sure that doesn't happen.

Details are below:
Saturday, Nov 12th
8-11 PM
McGees on Webster
People For Parrillo Fundraiser
$30 all you can drink, eat
Free Ketchup!

Get there early, as you'll do more damage at the bar and on the wings, eh? Bring your friends and co-workers, please!!!
The fact that some Republicans don't suck is what makes the sucking of the vast majority of Republicans suck so damn much.

So feel free to go support Jake -- and remember that at a Republican fundraiser ketchup is a vegetable!

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