Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wurf: Roskam Defined

Hiram Wurf has posted a probing examination of Peter Roskam's ties to GOP corruption and cronyism in D.C., his extreme right-wing views on guns and civil rights, and his fat-cat campaign funding.

When it comes to money Peter Roskam seems to subscribe to former Texas Senator Phil Gramm's maxim that money is "the most reliable friend you can have in American politics" - and he's willing to do a lot for his friends. How else can you explain, after Peter Roskam publicly offered that he has not had contact with Tom DeLay in decades, letting Tom put on an elite and expensive fundraiser for Peter when Tom DeLay's under a cloud of ethical and potentially legal violations (that have now resulted in an indictment)? It doesn't make it look better that Roskam already dominated the fundraising field without DeLay's money. You can only conclude that Peter Roskam took Tom DeLay's fundraising money because he believed it was worth the price, a price Peter believes he can avoid paying at the polls. This message is reinforced by the previous discussion of the power of donors described on Peter Roskam's website, and more importantly from his actual list of donations.

Hiram's post is exhaustive and insightful -- and a must read for anyone with any interest in the 6th District race.

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